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Becoming temporarily disabled as an agricultural worker

Working in the agricultural industry is one of the most high-risk occupations in California. It is unfortunately possible for an agricultural worker to be fatally injured at work. In 2015, it was reported that there were 401 farmer and farm worker fatalities. This rate is shockingly high, with a rate of 19.2 fatalities for every 100,000 workers.

Can I apply for workers’ compensation and disability benefits?

Being injured at work is an extremely stressful occurrence. If you have a job that involves being physically active, your risk of being injured at work is highly increased from that of an office job. What's more, if you do become injured as a physically active worker, you are less likely to be able to return to work, because the injuries that you have sustained leave you unable to do your job.

Injuries you might suffer as an agricultural worker

Working in agriculture in the Yolo County area can be a very dangerous job. Every year, thousands of farmworkers across the United States suffer serious injuries and sometimes even death due to work-related accidents. In fact, agriculture is one of the most dangerous industries you can work in. This is because farmworkers face the same kind of hazardous conditions as people in other industries who work with heavy machinery and perform intense physical labor.

What are California disability insurance benefits?

Most California workers know that they're eligible to receive workers' compensation benefits if they get hurt on the job, but what if you get hurt in an off-the-job accident? This is where California state Disability Insurance (DI) benefits may be able to help.

Nurses can find themselves with a disability because of work

Working as a nurse can be quite rewarding. Nurses get to engage directly with patients in a way many doctors simply cannot due to time constraints. They administer physical treatments, talk with patients about their conditions and monitor their progression as they recover (or in some cases, decline). Most patients understand the importance of the role filled by nurses, but few people really comprehend the risks nurses take every day.

Equaling a social security disability listing

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has an impairment listing manual that outlines conditions that qualify for Social Security. Your medical condition does not need to be listed in the manual in order for you to qualify; rather, you just have to be able to provide evidence that your condition meets criteria for qualifying as disabled. This is referred to as equaling a SSD listing.

After workers’ comp, don’t forget about SSD

Modern medicine is a wonder. It can cure many ailments and repair many types of injuries that were unthinkable a generation ago. Sometimes recovery still doesn’t mean a return to full health. Some injuries and operations have long-term side effects. If it’s unlikely you’ll return to your job after an injury, it’s important to file for workers’ compensation first, to help you cover immediate expenses, but also to apply for Social Security Disability to meet your long-term needs.

Can I get Social Security Disability (SSDI) for a Mental Illness?

Question: I have been struggling with depression for a couple of decades. I have tried many things to combat it—medication, therapy, etc. The last year I have had to take two leaves of absence related to it. My doctor finally suggested that I apply for Social Security Disability benefits (SSDI). Can I get SSDI for a condition that isn’t a physical illness?

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