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Disability hearings can be positive for SSD applicants

When people in California apply for Social Security Disability benefits, they may consider how they can improve their application for benefits and increase their likelihood of approval. People who are applying for benefits because they are unable to work often desperately need the funds and may look for every opportunity to enhance their chances of a positive determination. However, in the first two steps of the process, the initial application and the reconsideration appeal, there are few opportunities for an applicant to bolster their file.

Quicker processing of SSD claims

California residents who may be in situations in which they need to have their SSI or Social Security Disability case processed as soon as possible may be able to do so by submitting a request. A dire need request is one that appeals for faster processing of an application due to extenuating circumstances, including the high likelihood that the applicant may lose the home that they own or rent. A dire need request may also be submitted if the applicant is in danger of having their utilities cut off or is unable to pay for required medicine.

The biggest culprit in slowing down SSD decisions

California residents who are disabled could be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. But the wait time for getting approved for benefits is known to be rather long. The reason for this often involves the need for proper documentation of the applicant's medical condition. Sometimes medical offices or even the applicant can cause delays in the process.

Applying for SSDI benefits

Going through the application process for Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits can sometimes be difficult. However, there are certain steps that California residents can take to enhance the likelihood that they will receive the benefits they need, even if they have been initially denied.

Appeal could overturn initial denial of disability benefits

California residents who are unable to work due to severe physical or mental disabilities often seek Social Security Disability benefits. Certain severe conditions, such as terminal cancer, paralysis, kidney failure and statutory blindness, usually gain approval during the initial application process. A denial of an application, however, does not represent the final word from the Social Security Administration if the person appeals.

How to win a disability benefit appeal

California residents who file disability claims may find that their initial application and appeals are denied. This could make it necessary to have their cases heard by an administrative law judge. However, with nearly 2 million new disability claims made per year, there can be a significant backlog in cases. This means that an individual will likely need to wait before a hearing can be held.

Is medication needed to receive SSD benefits?

People in California who are applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) or SSI benefits may face a range of challenges and complicated requirements. In light of the documentation necessary to prove that one is truly disabled, many may be concerned that they must take prescription medication in order to be approved for benefits. The Social Security Administration does not define any disabling condition by the presence or absence of a medication prescription, and there is no case in which taking prescribed pharmaceuticals is a requirement to receive disability benefits.

The process of applying for SSD benefits

California residents who are looking to file for social security disability benefits can do so online, by phone or at a local field office. However, it is best to do so in person whenever possible. Applying online could lead to uncertainty, and information received over the phone isn't always accurate. Furthermore, an applicant can't talk to a claims representative when filing online.

Acceptable reasons for filing a late disability appeal

The Social Security Administration takes into account some of the difficult circumstances that might affect applicants in California. Any individual has a right to appeal a decision from the agency. Usually, the appeal must be made in writing within 60 days of receiving the decision letter plus five more days for mailing time. If an applicant fails to complete an appeal within this time window, the agency recognizes many good causes for missing the deadline.

Determining one's SSD benefits

Over 10 million people receive Social Security disability benefits. While California residents may be concerned primarily with how much they may receive in Social Security retirement benefits, they should also prepare for the unexpected and learn how to calculate the amount they would receive if they became disabled.

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