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Evidence that people have qualifying hematological disorders

There are a variety of different hematological disorders that can be severely debilitating. Both malignant and non-cancerous hematological conditions may leave victims unable to work. People in California who suffer from these disabling disorders may be eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits when they apply for them.

How the SSA evaluates visual disorders

Californians who have certain types of visual disorders may be unable to work. People who develop disabling conditions may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. It is important to understand how the Social Security Administration evaluates visual disorders when people apply for benefits.

Early retirement and Social Security Disability benefits

The Social Security Administration pays out retirement benefits to retirees who are at least 62 years old. But putting off retirement for a few more years could mean a bigger payout. California workers who are hoping to retire early may be interested in how the SSA determines how much of a benefit a retiree will get.

Social Security Administration makes benefit mistakes

The Social Security Administration is not above making mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes can disrupt the lives of California residents who may be relying on such benefits. Investigations found that the SSA paid benefits to some veterans who were deceased and had death records for others who were found to still be alive.

Chronic pain and disability

Even the healthiest people get aches and pains every once in a while. For some people, these everyday aches and pains make it difficult to lead a normal working life. If you have chronic pain or a chronic condition that causes pain, you may have found that other people have trouble understanding the almost daily obstacles you face. What kind of problems does pain cause in your life?

How FERS, CSRS and Social Security are integrated

It is important for federal workers in California to understand how the federal disability and Social Security Disability systems interplay. Both the Social Security and civil service systems offer benefits when workers become disabled and are unable to return to their jobs.

How to apply for disability benefits

A California resident who files for Social Security Disability benefits must show evidence of an actual disability. This evidence must also prove the severity of the condition. It may be possible for the Social Security Administration to help an individual find this evidence assuming that permission has been granted to provide assistance. Providing evidence in a timely manner may work to reduce the amount of time needed to process a claim.

Clearing the hurdles of SSD benefits claims

The federal government provides both Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance for California residents suffering a disability that cause them to be unable to work. Successful applications for these benefits require meeting one of the primary medical requirements and providing many types of documentation and references. In some straightforward cases, an individual can file the necessary paperwork entirely online to receive SSD benefits.

Understanding the tax status of disability benefits

If a California resident receives disability benefits, it is possible that it may be considered taxable income. For instance, those receiving Social Security Disability benefits may have to pay taxes if half of your benefit plus your other earnings are more than $32,000 for those filing a joint return. Those who are filing as single or as married filing separately will pay tax if that number is in excess of $25,000

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